Make tags from label names

I use coloured labels in Finder as a form of tagging. Mavericks has now converted those labels into proper tags, which is very useful. I have also been using coloured labels in DEVONthink as a form of tagging (and in fact use the same label names as in Finder). I know that (as a one-off, for items already labelled) I can convert those label names into tags by creating a smart folder for the label and then tagging the results. But would it be possible to have label names appear as tags automatically, so that in future any change in labels would be immediately reflected in the tag list?

Wouldn’t the more useful general case of this request be to allow tags to have colors assigned to them, as is the case with Mavericks tags?

If so, then the concept of “labels” (especially labels as a limited group of 7 tag-like attributes) could be eliminated and you could colorize any, some, or all of your tags. The byproduct is you can change the tag name and/or the color at will.

I would also suggest allowing DEVONthink views to show multiple colored dots next to the item name in group or file lists, representing the colorized tags assigned to that item. This is also what Mavericks does.

Thanks Korm - those are really great suggestions which I would love to see implemented by the DEVONthink team.