Make usable book marks from DEVONthink links

If we have a DEVONthink link on the clipboard, say:

and then make a bookmark from it using either command-N (new from clipboard) or Data> New > Bookmark, the resulting “bookmark” document is not really a bookmark. Nothing happens when it is clicked [size=75][1][/size]. It would be useful if it were an actually bookmark – clicking it would open the DEVONthink document at the beginning, or the DEVONthink document at the page indicated (the example above). Yes, these bookmarks can be pasted into RTF or other documents and clicked there – which is the venerable way of doing annotations. I’m suggesting more than that – making the stand-alone bookmark document that contains an internal bookmark act like a “real” bookmark.

[size=70][1] There’s a minor exception – if the bookmark document is selected and the Info panel displayed, then clicking the “@” notation next to the “URL” section will open the document and/or the bookmarked page. IMO, that’s too much clicking to be useful.[/size]

+1 for this please.

Double-clicking brings the desired behavior.

No. Double-clicking gives the “thunk” sound. It doesn’t open the link. Even if it did work, I want a real bookmark.

Right now only double-clicking opens the referenced file, just verified this. Maybe the bookmark is invalid or the database closed?

Double-clicking on the document does work here for me. However, while double-clicking does open the referenced file, command-o or right-click>Open just opens the bookmark. For consistency in the UX, shouldn’t double-clicking on a document and opening the document (using either a shortcut or menu command) always result in the same behavior?

+1 for this working as korm suggests.

No working doubleclick. Thunk.

But that’s not the point. This is a feature request, not looking for help.

I want a real bookmark. 8)