Make VoodooPad documents searchable

I don’t mind that VoodooPad files can’t be opened within DevonThink itself- VoodooPad is not the most widely popular app. But I have a lot of VoodooPad files that I’d love to be able to search from within DevonThink. That way I wouldn’t have to export each file into many separate RTF files which, while searchable, create a lot of excess clutter.

That’s all!

I suspect that a lot has to do with whether VoodooPad is programmed to let its files be searched by spotlight.

With regard to VoodooPad 5 (I don’t have 4 installed any more, so I can’t check this in that version):

  1. VoodooPad documents are searchable by Spotlight on a document-by-document basis. In the Info palette for a document, in the Document tab, set the switch for Spotlight searching
  2. A useful way to display VoodooPad documents in DEVONthink is to start the VoodooPad local web server (in Preferences > Web Server), and using the link for that web server (default is localhost:8080) create a bookmark in DEVONthink. VoodooPad’s web server includes a search box. (You need to make a document visible in the web server on a document-by-document basis - same place as where you set the Spotlight indexing switch, see above.)
  3. You can also make a bookmark linking to a specific document or page in VoodooPad’s web server

This is the search box that VoodooPad puts at the bottom of each page in its web server.