Make Window Float

I often find that when I’m working DevonThink I’d like to make some content visible and hence quickly accessible, in other apps I’m working in during the day.

It would be neat if any DevonThink window (document, outline, notepad, etc.) could be made to “Float” above other windows, like Apple’s Stickies can do. A few examples of how it could be of benefit: This would allow you to view a “daily urls to visit list,” a day’s to-do list, or a current project outline, on your screen at all times.

This would also be an easy way to move content around in DevonThink itself. I.e. Just stick up (float) a window and then drag content into it from other folders.

Anyone else interested in this feature? Because we prefer as little options as possible and there are already too many options in our opinion (less is more ;D). However, we will probably kill some of them in the future and then there will be room for other (maybe more useful) options.

Yes, I’d like to be able to make my daily to-do window float.

Victor Bloomfield

Not sure I’d use floating DT windows on my crowded 1024x768 iBook display; restore browser window after drawer close? would be a more immediately useful “window management” feature for me.