Making 2 JPGs to one PDF

The german menu point is calles “Vereinen”. Maybe the english is “combine” or “merge”.

I had 2 JPGs with pics of a Ikea-Bed. And with this function I put the together in one PDF.

The JPGs had a size of 1.x and the other 2.x MB.

After putting them together the PDF had 14.4 MB. Thats a little big.

I made an experiment and let go OCR over it. It really read the price sign (how nice) but the document has now 4.x MB.

Is there a way to control maybe the compression when I merge some JPGs to one PDF. If the PDF is a little bigger its no problem. But in my case the PDF is 5x as big as the original JPGs. That seems to be a little much.

If you’re going to use OCR, change the resolution and quality to affect the size of the PDF.

There’s no such control right now, merging of images is completely handled by macOS’ PDFkit framework.