Making a Group invisible


Although I’ve read the forums for a while now, this is my first post.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone can tell me whether it is possible to make a Group invisible.

I’ve read posts about security issues, and my concern is much simpler. I simply don’t want casual observers to see some of the files I’m working on.

For example, let’s say that I have a database with a company’s compensation system. One group in the database has data at the individual level, and I want to keep that Group hidden. I would like to have the other information (e.g., group-level data, market data, research material, etc.) available to anyone browsing through the database, and just keep that one folder hidden.

Of course I could just exclude it from the database, but I was wondering if there is currently an option to hide Groups (or items) or whether such an option may be developed in the future. I searched the forum and the Help, but found no answers.

Thank you very much for the help.



An interesting request. I understand your example. It’s somewhat more complicated than merely making a group invisible, as the contents of an invisible group would have to be unavailable to searches, See Also, etc. while in the invisible mode. Also possible complications with database rebuilding and/or export, to prevent someone from making everything visible merely by performing a database Export. At the same time, the database owner wouldn’t want to lose the contents of invisible groups if a Rebuild were necessary.

A workaround would be to keep your full database in an encrypted disk image. If you need to allow other persons to see portions of the database, you could make a copy of the full database on your hard drive, then delete the groups you don’t want others to access. You could then export any new or modified content in the “open” version of the database to your encrypted copy, using Tools > History to identify and select for export the new or modified items. There may also be potential for synchronization of the databases by scripting. A beta script is available for testing from Wooden Brain (search on the user forum).

No promises.

Thanks so much for the reply. As always, your advise is very useful.
Most likely I will have my own copy with the full database and create smaller databases as needed, without all of the information.
I will check the script you mentioned.

Thanks again, and happy New Year!