Making an Alias of a Group

I am feeling rather foolish about this but then I was never one for hiding my foolishnesses :exclamation: Somehow a long time ago I made an alias of my DEVONthink Pro Office Inbox and put it on my desktop where it appears as a folder so that whenever I put any file into the alias as soon as DTPO is opened the contents of the alias folder is transferred to the Inbox. Now I want to do the same for a different Group but the trouble is I can not remember how I created the Inbox Alias in the first place, hence the foolishness :blush: . Anyone know how this is done?

It sounds like you might have instead attached the DEVONthink import Folder Action script (1) to the Finder folder (2). If so, those import scripts are coded to import/index to a specific DEVONthink group (selected group, import group set in DEVONthink Preferences). I don’t recall if it is possible create a folder action script that is hard coded to always import to a specific group in a database.

  1. DEVONthink menu>Install Add-Ons…>Folder Action Scripts

  2. With a folder selected in the Finder, right-click menu>Services>Folder Action Setup…

Thanks Greg but it is definitely an alias—see screenshot.

That’s a special folder of the Global Inbox (located in the ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2 folder), created so that Inbox can (optionally) appear in the Finder’s Sidebar. You are not going to be able to duplicate that functionality with other database groups.

Thanks again, at least I know now! Might suggest it to the guys that the ability to make alias’ of groups would be a good thing. Cheers.

The Global Inbox is a real location on your filesystem, so there is something to create an alias to. Groups do NOT exist, so this is not possible.

Yes, hard-coded import to a specific group is possible with a folder action or ordinary script. Would also be possible with a Keyboard Maestro macro that incorporates such a group-specific import script. Or could be done with a Hazel rule that uses such a script.

Another approach is to use the Groups and Tags panel which can be kept visible and on top of all OS X desktops.

Or, also, to index a folder (say, on the Desktop and/or added to Finder’s sidebar) into one or more databases and use it as a sort of specific-group inbox. Just use the contextual menu in DEVONthink to move documents from there into the database.

Or just use Sorter.

Lots of options here, @Allsop