Making Links to other Documents Visible

When I use the Add Link… menu item on a PDF all works as it should. I select text and add a link, however, I can’t find anyway to get any type of indicator to show which would indicate that a link exists. When I hover over the text that I have attached a link to, the DEVONthink url pops up as it should.

Have I missed something? I’ve gone through the Preferences and can’t seem to recognize anyhting that would make the links I create visible.

I know I can add text to the PDF and then make it link to another document, but man-O-man that is awkward and time consuming when you are working through a pile of research and you just want to create some quick, basic links.

I would think this would be a basic feature since we are using a knowledge management tool.

You will see the active area when using the Tools > Mode > Annotation Select tool.

Thanks, however using the Annotation view covers all hyperlinks as well as the links I add. It also doesn’t allow you to continue to highlight the text as you are reading.