Making notes on PDFs without annotating it

Hi, silly question, but is it possible to make a note on a PDF file without annotating the pdf itself?
I mean, I would like to take notes on some pdfs, but not have to write those notes on a separate RTF or Text File.
Is there an option for this, that I seem to be overlooking?
I guess an RTF linked to a pdf is an ok option, but I’d prefer to not have to have more files than seems necessary.

Thanks in advance.

For unformatted, small notes Finder comments might be sufficient, for larger & formatted notes you could use the Annotation template.

I dont know what Finder comments are.
The annotation template is for things like speech bubbles and annotations on the PDF, correct?
I was hoping for something like a place for text writing akin to a text file, or RTF, but as part of the PDF itself, rather than having to create a new, separate annotation note for the file, i.e.,.

On another point, I like the “create an annotated note” option in the Data section for when I am creating new RTFs, but are there any plans to turn those scripts into buttons you can place on your toolbar (like new RTF, or new smart group buttons etc)??

Finder comments can be edited e.g. in the Info panel (and also in the Info panel of the Finder).

No, it’s Data > New from Template > Annotation.

A point not appreciated by many is that these kinds of “invisible” notes can be made under most PDF editors by creating a new bookmark. That is not possible under DT’s viewer, but you can choose the Open in External Editor or Viewer button to choose a different editor.

Bear in mind, Bookmarks are not generally accessible outside those applications. Apps usually implement their own bookmarking method that only works inside that application. YMMV.

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