Making notes while reading in DTPO

I was just reading a web article in the browser in DTPO and wanted to make some notes while reading. My first thought was to open text edit, put it on top of my DTPO window, and type in there. I then thought that I could save the notes in Text Edit as a PDF and put that into my DTPO database. That would certainly work.

But then I wondered, is there not a way to create a note in DTPO itself while reading something in the browser within DTPO?


There are many ways to do many things in DEVONthink. As a simple example, you can select Data > New from Template > Annotation to create a document you can take notes in, and this new document links back to the original.

And if you’re using my Open in two windows script in Scripts > Edit (or available in Scripts > More Scripts), you can open both documents side-by-side.

Thanks so much, Jim. That really helps!


You’re welcome. Cheers!