Making .pdf files editable

Is there a way to make .pdf files editable either before or after importing them into DTPO?

PDFs are considered a “locked” file format. Could you define what you’re wanting to do?

I do a lot of web development using RapidWeaver and consequently buy lots of different themes, stacks, plugins, etc. They all come with manuals mostly in pdf format and they’re scattered all over my computer. I want to bring them all into DTPO. But I often have to make notes in them and have been printing them out for this. I also correct a lot of typos :smiley:. I thought it’d be a lot easier just to make my notes and changes right in the document itself.

I can buy a program for 20 bucks that will let me convert these pdf files into TextEdit files or one that’s more expensive that will convert them into Word files.

I just thought that if I could edit these files right in DTPO is would be easier than going through the process of converting them and then importing them.

Have you tried the PDF annotation tools in DEVONthink?

No, I haven’t looked at them. I’m so new, I didn’t even know about them. I’ll look them over.