Making Quick View better :-)

To watch lots of images (or other documents), I need to select them and then open “Quick View” …

So far so good.

But there does not seem to be any options or settings for Quick View, or?!?

What I am greatly missing are those:

  1. Show all images full screen, so scale them up to display size (a quite regular option)

  2. Allow to switch between documents with the mouse wheel (I simply hate to need to use the keyboard)

Is this already possible, somehow?
If not, could it probably be added??? :slight_smile:

It’s called “Quick Look” and it’s part of macOS. What you want to do may be possible with one of the apps that enhance macOS’s Quick Look. Search “Quick Look” in the App Store.


Ah, interesting.

I thought that “Preview” is from Apple, but that “Quick View” is from DT.

Thanks - will go and hunt in the App Store :slight_smile: