Making webarchives static (and not update)


Is there a mechanism to freeze a clipped webarchive ? So that once imported, the webarchive content is not refreshed, even if the source URL contents change.

Would the “Lock” item do this ? (Though, it appears the webpage load progress indicator seems to go thru, when a locked webarchive item is opened to be viewed.

Is there a way to make all imported/clipped webarchives to be locked ?


No. If a web archive has dynamically loading data (prevalent in many sites today), the contents can and will change when you interact with the file. A PDF would “lock” it.

Ah, damn. I didn’t think of that, even though I knew many modern web frameworks create content dynamically. I was considering webarchive a superior format over PDF files for storing “permanent” snapshots of webpages as long as you work within macOS and now Devonthink iOS, since they’re closer to the original source, maybe smaller, etc. Makes transformations to other formats easier. But when I save webpages, instead of bookmarks, I usually want to be sure that I either have the page later offline certainly for some time (hotel receipts, bus timetables, information for travel or hiking and so on). The other use case is to save some pages permanently. The webarchive format won’t work so well in this use if the original content maybe won’t be available later on.

Back in the day, webarchives were much more useful. Nowadays? No so much. Personally, I use PDFs for all my financial transactions.