Manage Plugins button missing in Mail [resolved]

I might have a new MacBook, which might have an M1 processor. Having installed DT3.8 on this hypothetical machine, I then might have gone ahead and installed the add-ons, including - of course - the Mail plugin. Which now resides in ~/Library/Mail/Bundles as it should. However, when I start Mail, there is no Manage Plugins… button in Preferences > General. Restarting the Mac, removing the bundle from the path above, reinstalling the Mail add-on, restarting the Mac, and doing all that a few times, has made no difference - the button remains elusive. There are a few reports dotted around the web of such problems, but none seem to relate to macOS Monterey (12.1 btw.) and the solutions I have seen would write to a plist which appears to be obsolete in 12.1.

Any suggestions?

To answer my own question:

DT3 had access to the Folders it had asked for, but not Full Disk Access. Enabling FDA, deleting the Bundle from the path quoted in my first post, and then reinstalling the plugin via the appropriate menu entry in DT3 solved the problem. The Manage Plugins… button has appeared in Mail, and I was able to activate the plugin.

I’ll leave this post here though, as others may well stumble across this problem; note that I had not denied DT3 FDA - it hadn’t asked for it.


maybe you could add e. g. [resolved] to the thread title, thanks for sharing!

can do, have done :slight_smile:

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