Managing Databases Across Devices

I’m considering DevonThink to replace my current note taking system (Apple Notes/Evernote). Essentially, hoping to setup my second brain using DevonThink. However, I want to get some clarity around how the databases can be used across devices.

I currently use an iMac, Macbook Pro, iPhone and iPad. I understand the licensing would allow me to use DevonThink on both of my computers and then I would use DevonThink On The Go for the my mobile devices. However, what’s the most efficient way to keep the databases in sync so that no matter which device I’m using, it’s always using the most updated version of the database?

I have iCloud storage available, could the databases reside on iCloud thereby ensuring that no matter which device I’m using, I always have the most updated version of the database/notes? I’m leaning towards getting the PRO version and like how much automation I can potentially setup in DevonThink.

On a separate topic, I’m still somewhat confused as to why I would want to hold actual physical files in DevonThink as opposed to Finder? I was initially thinking of using DevonThink strictly for all my note taking and various stock research actices, annotations from books I’ve read through Kindle etc.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I suggest searching the forum for sync and iCloud. That should give you some pointers, as the topic is regularly discussed here.
Also your 2nd question is the center of many posts here – workflow, organize and indexing might be useful search terms.

You ask a lot of questions here, some of which are probably best answered if you visit DEVONtechnologies’ web site and grab a copy of the free (compliments of DEVONtechnologies) e-book “Take Control of DEVONthink”.

There you will learn about where to put the databases (and don’t put on iCloud or any synced folder), database syncing methods (there are a few to choose from, and probably the best and most reliable is Bonjour), ideas for use, etc.

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Welcome @MyDev

As noted above, you should never put a DEVONthink database in any cloud-synced location or you could irreparably damage it.

Regarding sync, it is covered in the In & Out > Sync section of the built-in Help and manual but there is also a forum post on syncing: Sync Types Explained. This is a good place to start.

’m still somewhat confused as to why I would want to hold actual physical files in DevonThink as opposed to Finder?

Because it creates a portable, self-contained package that can be backed up and transferred around like a single file. I suggest you read the In & Out > Import & Indexing section of the aformentioned help, not only read but read and understand it as you may think “Oh! So I just want to use indexing.” While indexing files outside a database is a viable option, it is not a course to be taken lightly.