managing multiple databases.

Three quick questions…

I have multiple machines and multiple DevonThink databases. How do I import data from my sub databases into my main database?

I am currently using the beta version of DevonThink pro. When/If i buy the product how many licenses will I require? One for each machine? One for each user?

I use multiple ID’s on OS X switching between them. Using the latest beta DevonThink reports the database is locked. I have tried…

Closing the DB.
Closing DevonThink.
Logging the user off.
Logging all users off.
Restarting the machine.

None of it fixes the problem.

I have done this successfully by exporting the entire content of the database to “files and folders” in the finder, and then importing the whole lot into the target DEVONThink database. It all works very smoothly.


I have done it this way, too, but it still strikes me as a workaround. I would strongly urge the DT folks to make it possible to spin a subset of a database into a new database as well as to be able to fold one database into another.

Yes I agree that would be a good enhancement.


Spinning off a subset of a database requires moving selected data into the new database.

And merging databases requires the same.

What could be simpler than File > Export … and File > Import …? It’s not a workaround in that it is simple, straightforward and quick. It also allow for correction of mistakes. The decisions one makes in choosing the groups and files to export are reversible until one is satisfied with the results.

Example: I’ve got six DT Pro databases. Four of them are spinoffs from my main database. I selected groups to export, then told DT Pro to create a new database and to import a certain folder. Presto. A fully functional new database.

Example: While doing editing on the Tutorial database, I merged it into my main database for convenience, as I could easily switch back and forth between my normal workflow and editing the Tutorial. When finished with the Tutorial, I simply exported its group to a new database. I could immediately tell that the new database was complete and working properly, so I reverted to my main database and deleted the group I had just exported. (I want manual control of that step.)

Well, I guess I’m thinking about “down the road” when DT will offer us the ability to have more than one database open at a time – I think I’m remembering that right – and the desirability of having drag and drop of groups and items from one db to another.

Import/Export is a kludge. Opening multiple databases and being able to merge or drag items across makes a lot of sense.

*** BUG ??? *****

More importantly though… what about the bug that is currently preventing me from opening my data under a second id. As the second Id is my main id, I consider this a significant loss of data. How do I fix this?


That’s a capability I’m also looking forward to.