Manifest files missing & incomplete database

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I am seeking help…

I am not entirely sure if my Setup with DTTG and my MacBook Air installation of DT3 (after using DT2 previously) ever worked as they should (synching with a private WebDAV server), but I just confirmed yesterday that synching of DTTG with my NAS (webDAV) does not work properly.

As you can see the the only database not causing issues currently is the global inbox, for which synching is turned off for debugging reasons.

As it appears this issue prohibits synching new items in order to make the available in both clients, a feature I heavily rely on daily.

Recentyly, user jhorton suggested that this may work:

  1. I used the “Verify Database Thoroughly” command from the Sync preference pane in DEVONThink 2.9.17 and there was an entry in the log stating “broken or not yet complete data structure of database.”
  2. I closed DT on all other machines and ran the “Clean database…” command from the Sync preference pane on the machine that had items that weren’t syncing.
  3. After the database had been successfully uploaded to the sync location (dropbox), I launched DT on the other Mac and all items synced successfully.

However, I couldn´t find the feature „verify database throrouhgly“ in DT3, and „check and repair“ and „optimize“ had no effect…

What I did next was recreating the sync store by removing and adding the key/pasword, after which those two databases seem to be in synch now (as far as I can tell by now).


I removed the password an re-enable it, thus forcing a new sync chain (or whatever it is called) to be created.

However, for the Global inbox I am now receiving the following error when I turn on synching with DTTG:

I choose no, so the issues remains…

I will greatly appreciate any advice?



ps: I have issues with getting support via email, I did might having them again, as I did not get a reply after mailing to on December 23rd. I am just stating this here, because I would be curious to know if this is holiday-relate or not…

Yes, some people are on holiday breaks.

The Verify Location Thoroughly command is shown with the Option key as noted in Help > Documentation > Troublehshooting > Sync Issues.

That warrning is due to you using Download Files: On demand. If you are connecting to the same location you wete using, press Proceed as the contents should be stored there.

Thanks and happy holidays… as lanes out, I was just wondering, because the last time I ran into problems I was waiting quite a while for a response… :wink:

Happy New Year!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Industry standard turnaround is 48 business hours, though we generally are much faster than that. But yes, people need a bit of time off with friends and family too.

A safe and Happy New Year to you and yours as well!