manual error: .bibtex extension is .bib

Anybody dealing with BibTeX databases has probably found out, but for those reading the manual (and for the DT crew to correct the manual): The manual states erroneously that .bibtex should be the file extension for DTPro to automatically convert it to a data sheet. Well, the right extension is ofcourse .bib, as also used by BibTeX.

Let me add the feature request of being able to assign a “Label” field to single bibtex records. This is required as a uniqe identifier for the subsequent insertion of bibliography data into the main (referring) document. In the main document, a source is normaly cited this way: \cite{identifier} and Bibtex can find the according entry in the .bib-file using the identifier. Within the .bib-file, the identifier/label is normaly located right after the opening curly parethesis, like this:

Author = foobar (…)

The possibility to change/add this identifier would be of tremendous help. Ofcourse, the changed sheet should be exportable to a normal .bib file again.

All the best,