Manually delete Dropbox SyncStore?

I have my database on a USB drive and tried to sync it from a new computer with its SyncStore on Dropbox. For reasons I don’t understand, Devonthink started to upload everything anew to the SyncStore, not just syncing the database from the USB drive to the existing SyncStore. As the database is fairly large, I didn’t have enough free space available in my Dropbox, so syncing stopped.

My question is this: As Devonthink wants to upload the whole database anyway (must have something to do with the new computer), can I just manually delete the “Devonthink” folder in Dropbox/Apps/ and then sync the database to Dropbox?

(I’ve tried deleting the SyncStore from Devonthink’s sync dialogue, but that doesn’t seem to free up any space in my Dropbox…)

I would delete the Dropbox account from DT’s Sync Preferences, then you can remove the DEVONthink folder from Dropbox’s App folder. Then re-add the Dropbox account (and reauthorize it) and the folder will be created anew.