Manually Ordering Databases

Is there a way of manually ordering databases (As there is by other items)? I don’t see any.


No. They are always listed in alphabetical order.

If you’ve got database X, Y and Z, you could name them with a number prefix though:

  1. Z
  2. Y
  3. X
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@anon6914418 thanks for your reply.

I changed my understanding of how to use database in which I only have a few and I rely on spliting up and categorizing my data into groups.

Also, along the lines of forcing a sort, I feel more comfortable in using the emoji picturegraphs dominoes like this 🁣 🁤 🁥 🁦 🁧 🁨 . I find they are less intrusive and get the job done

Didn’t know those existed. Creative!

It is not advisable to use emoji in filenames.

If not too much trouble plz explain so I could understand. Are you saying this limitation is because of DEVONthink or because it’s a file name?

Because it’s a filename. The best option is to use alphanumeric characters and only spaces, hyphens, underscores, or periods in filenames.