Many apps (including DT) using same docs - how to setup?

Should I import the docs into DT and then try to link back? Leave them all in a folder outside DT and tell DT to link to and index them? Something else?

Any advice on options, and the pros and cons, much appreciated. Thanks!

I can’t give you a firm answer recommending how you set up your databases, as that depends on your workflows.

Generally, if you are making heavy use of your existing Finder files by other applications such as BookEnds, for example, you might find Index-capture to a DEVONthink database would work well for your purposes.

Obviously, an Index-captured database is less portable than is an Import-captured database, which doesn’t depend on links to external files and is self-contained.

Why not experiment with some test databases? So long as you don’t delete your existing Finder files, experiments with test databases are non-destructive. You are free to delete your experimental databases that don’t work for you.