margins for printing

I see by searching the forums that this topic has been discussed for years, and there must be some good reason why no change has been made, but nevertheless…

When I print a doc from DTProOffice I always have to fiddle with it so that the top, and sometimes sides, are not cut off. The margins violate the standard 0.5 inch which I believe most printers use.

Of course Devonthink is not a page layout program, but making it inconvenient to print quickly from the application seems an undue burden. I just put some notes extracted from emails into Devonthink, where they would be easy to find, and then I decided to print them. I had to add returns at the top, and change the side margins.

The side margins are puzzling because they always show the text running from 0 to 11 inches even though the page setup is for portrait mode, and even though the print preview doesn’t match the rulers (it does match the visible text).

I’d be happy with some option in prefs to set all margins to 0.5 inches, for printing, and leave it at that.

I copy paste text from a rich text document in my database to a more capable word processor for printing, as I usually need to add headers and footers, and often footnotes or endnotes.

There are some scripts in the DEVONacademy that allow one to format rich text in DT. I’ve never tried them. See Scripts for Dealing with Rich Text Documents at