Similar to WriteRoom and Scrivener, I would love to have a few margin options for plain text editing in DEVONthink:

  1. The ability to specify separate left and right margins for either plain text, or rich text, or both. It just looks prettier with about a half inch of white space on either side.

  2. The ability to set the same margins in the full screen mode.

I don’t know why, but having some white space on the right and left just feels better.


I know this is an old thread, but has this issue ever been addressed?

There are dozens of threads in these forums about the impossibility of defining print layout parameters in DT.

It would be so much easier, if I could print directly from DTPO. But for that to be a realistic option, I need to be able to set margins and define minimal layout parameters that are independent from my window settings on the screen.

Why does the print layout change depending on how I size the DT editing window on the screen?

Is this something that will ever be addressed in future releases? I know that DT is not a text editor, but clearly, a lot of users need to print rich and plain text files from the database, and it seems cumbersome, if you always have to export them first into another application.

The effect discussedin this threadmight be one reason.

Thanks, korm; that’s helpful.

But my point is that there should be a way to print with a set of margins that are defined independently of the wrap-to-window screen appearance. Whether I use a small laptop screen or a large iMac screen affects the way I size my window. But it shouldn’t affect the way my document looks when printed.