Mark all rtf notes with date and time?

Dear seasoned Devonthink users,
Is there a way to have every rtf note I make in devonthink come up with the date and time pre-marked in the text?
Thank you for your help!

Perhaps one of the templates, such as Data > New from Template > Journal Entry

Don’t forget that all new notes documents are automatically marked with the date and time in the Creation Date - and the Modification Date contains the date and time of the last edit.

In a rich text document the keyboard shortcut ‘Shift-Command-D’ will insert the date, and the keyboard shortcut ‘Shift-Command-E’ will insert the time.

In many of my notes (and other documents) I add the date as YYYYMMDD at the end of the document name. That means I can do a Name search for documents whose Name indicates that they were for a given year, such as 2008, by using a wildcard symbol, like this: “2008*”. Or for the month of March in 2010, by use of this term: “201003*”