Mark text with colour

According to the documentation: "Contrary to TextEdit, DEVONthink allows you to set the background colour of selected text. Simply select the piece of text you want to highlight, choose "Tools > Show Colors", check the option box "Background" and then select the colour of your choice."

Either I’m misunderstanding something, or this is currently (DTpe 1.6a) not working as advertised - the background of the entire window is coloured, rather than just the selection.

Very useful feature though, I look forward to it being fixed.

It seems that the whole background gets coloured in plain text documents. Selected text can be highlighted in rich text docs.

Ah, well done! Thanks.

Makes sense too, I guess, that it isn’t going to be possible in plain text.

In the light of this, what I thought might be a bug is only a bug in the documentation.

In version 1.7 there will be toolbar/menu items to highlight text.