Markdown automatic list continuation

It would be nice if Markdown files automatically continued lists. If I have a line with a dash and a space at the beginning with some text, when I press return, the next line should automatically have a dash and a space. pressing return on a line with nothing but a dash/space should remove both to get out of “list mode”.

An optional goodie would be pressing tab on lines with only dash/space would place the tab in front of the dash/space while leaving the cursor position intact. this would make creating sublists much easier. similarly for pressing shift-tab to remove the initial tab.


No promises, but the requests are noted.

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Asked for same feature request to support markdown users.

I’ll take it, thanks!

Huge thanks for implementing this!

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Glad you’re liking it :slight_smile:

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I just yesterday updated DT to the latest build, and I am quite enjoying this feature.

I got in the habit of using bulleted outlines for meeting notes and daily notes when using Obsidian for some months, and I’m happy to be able to continue that with DT.


I just yesterday updated DT to the latest build,

Just yesterday? What took you so long?!?! :wink:
Glad the feature suits you.

I don’t remember seeing the update notice until yesterday.

Possibly the reason for the delay is between my ears.

All our days are often busy. I’m sure you have more to think about than if an app has had an update. :slight_smile:

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