Markdown blockquote oddity

Rather than tell, I’ll show.

I wanted to turn all the poem extract into a blockquote, but it only showed the first line as blockquoted in the editor.

But in the preview, the entire section was marked as a blockquote.

Which is the result I wanted, but not what I expected from the editor display. Why the discrepancy?

Could you please post the raw source of the document? This might depend on invisible things like feeds, spaces & tabs.

A Pity We Were Such A Good (873 Bytes)

I’m not clear about what you mean by “raw source” when it comes to a Markdown doc?

As per my example.

ah, gotcha. I was thinking of HTML source, as in something underlying the visible.


201304250000-lucretius-on (1.3 KB)

Thank you, the next release will fix this.

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Thanks, Christian.