Markdown bug: Pasting and dragging images into document (bug may be between the user's ears)

Here’s a workflow that comes up for me a couple of times a month: I’m watching and listening to a presentation and taking notes and I want to paste a slide into my notes. I copy an image from Zoom and paste it into my notes document, and keep typing.

This works in some markdown editors. It works in Obsidian and Ulysses, for example.

Recently I was pleased to see it apparently works in DevonThink. If I paste the image into a Markdown document, I see the image in that document, in its proper place. .

However, that image isn’t saved anywhere. It’s not saved as an image file in the group, and if I close the Markdown document and reopen it, the image is gone.

I lost a half-dozen images in a presentation that way. Fortunately, it wasn’t important that I take notes on that presentation!

So consider this a bug report AND a feature request: If pasting an image into a Markdown document doesn’t work, it should not appear to work initially. It should fail right away.

And the feature request is I’d like to be able to paste an image into a Mardown document. However, I get this may be a very niche need so I’m not going to bang on about it if you say no. I can always take notes in rich text or a formatted note when the need arises.


Update to DEVONthink 3.8. In preferences Media > Markdown you can set a destination group.

Thanks! That is a good start.