Markdown delight

What you are doing with wikilinks (including backlinks), and more and more extensive markdown support – as of today’s 3.7, markdown “WYSIWYG”, file transclusion, metadata “indexing” – is really great and helps me work more efficiently. Thank you!


No 3.7 for me :frowning: “You are using the latest version”, and I’m running 3.6.3. Restarting doesn’t help either …

Unfortunately we had to pull the update due a server issue which we’re currently investigating. The update will be available again as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

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It’s available again.


If you continue this way, I’m not going to be using macOS and iOS but DT and DTTG over whatever operating system they run. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

You are the best.


Wow. I stopped reading the release notes after the about 50th entry in “Improved” :wink: Great job.


Kudos from here as well. Totally unexpected and totally awesome update. Well done team!

Oof, tempered delight: I’m going to have to see how this affects workflows with DTTG. But still it is a great advance.


Can I add my congratulations to the others. DT is starting to look rather excellent! (& some of the cool stuff in Roam is now very feasible in DT)

With this update, I wonder about one piece of functionality related to academic writing:

Markdown support for Pandoc’s citation syntax to do a WikiLink from the [@Rom-Shiloni2018, 23] to a note named Rom-Shiloni2018. This would mean that I can just copy and paste the Pandoc-flavoured Markdown note from DT and it is a valid document, while retaining all the cool linking while the document is within DT. (A bonus would be to actually format the Pandoc citation in the preview window.) The big plus of this is that when I’m working on a Pandoc Markdown document, I can jump instantly from the citation to the note in my Zettelkasten, and with the new backlinks support, when I’m in the bibliographic note in the Zettelkasten I’d be able to see all the places where it is cited.


Delight indeed. Many many thanks to the team for the Markdown improvements. The low-key source formatting (and the ability to turn it off) is excellent.

I’m not quite sure about the bright red used for blockquotes – maybe in the future we could tweak our own CSS for the source as well as the rendered version, as in MultiMarkdown Composer?

But that’s just a small quibble. We can see the path ahead, and it looks great. Those table buttons are so tantalising!


Adding to the chorus: this is an excellent update. Through 2020 I tried, and abandoned, a few of the new wave of note-taking apps, and some months ago settled back into my long-term relationship with DT. This update reaffirms it as the right choice.

Thank you (for the update, and the ~20 years of work that preceded it).


It’s a native editor but not based on HTML/JavaScript. Therefore CSS isn’t possible. Any suggestions how quotes should look ideally?

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I like the red personally. I use blockquotes daily and it helps sets them apart nicely.

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I also want to express my gratitude. 3.7 is an exciting major upgrade. This is great especially when you have already pushed many updates to version 3.

I was thinking about workaround of transclusion through Apple Script, then 3.7 comes. With also incoming/outgoing link from 3.6, this is very useful in a zettelkasten workflow.

And the Markdown editor improvements means I can rely a lot less on iA Writer, which is great, coz I don’t need to open another app on my aging mac. I also like the fact that it being native. Although the appearance of Typora is better, being an electron app means it is resource hungry.


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Thanks Christian. I would prefer a colour that’s less bright. By comparison, the other markup highlighting – headings, code blocks – is quite restrained, which I think is important.

I often use a red/brown colour for emphasis, like say #870000.

This is always going to be a personal thing! So if we can’t tweak our own settings then there’s probably no point in taking the issue any further.

On a related note, my ageing eyes would appreciate being able to add some extra line spacing in text files. Any chance of a choice there, or does it have the same restrictions?

Your all talking about the “edit” view, not the “processed” view, right? Because the latter could easily be customized with CSS

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That’s correct, and I have my rendered view set up with a nice GitHub-type styling.

The trick is to add just enough formatting to the edit view to make the raw Markdown a bit easier to read, without trying to emulate the full rendered view. Everyone will have different opinions*, but I like being able to spot the headings easily and I think this is a great development, especially since you can turn it off if you wish.

*I’m sure those opinions extend to whether it’s better to use an external editor. I happen to love MultiMarkdown Composer and use it quite a lot, but most of my Markdown is written directly in DEVONthink.


I see. That’s what dedicated MD editors/viewers achieve with “Themes” or “Styles”, mostly in CSS. Would be nice if one could use that in DT, too. But then, there are dedicated MD editors :wink:


I’ve just downloaded and tested 3.7 and I wanted to say thank you for the new features — they will be very useful.

But most of all, thank you for listening and for rowing back, at least partially, from the mistakes of the previous version when metadata was abruptly removed from indexing.

It’s not perfect (as far as I can tell, you still cannot search within html URLs or comments, which is obviously a problem), but it’s a big step back to regaining trust in Devonthink’s search integrity.

So, thank you for listening — it is appreciated.

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First, this hybrid view is terrific. (I look forward to seeing where this goes next.)

Second, I’ll echo the concern about bright red for block quotes, and there’s actually a good reason not to use red: most dichromate cannot see red, so this will appear as a faint gray. A faint gray background behind black glyphs is a common solution here, as is a change in glyph size.

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For the life of me I’ve no idea how to make transclusion work.