Markdown Display Font

How do we control the font in a markdown document when its in the display mode, as opposed to the edit mode?


CSS styling - internal style or external stylesheets. Also Preferences > Editing > Rich Text & Note Font, for a basic font change.

To elaborate, if you have a CSS file you’d like to use, you can put a link to it at the top of your note, e.g.,

<link href="file:///Users/me/Library/Application Support/Marked 2/Custom CSS/Avenue.css" rel="stylesheet">

Or, you can put something like this in the Metadata at the start of a file:

CSS: Users/me/Library/Application Support/Marked 2/Custom CSS/Avenue.css

In my example, I’m using one of the CSS files that comes with the wonderful Marked 2 app, because I really like how they look.

There is, if memory serves, a preference that allows you to set the default CSS for Markdown previews, but I haven’t used it.

@ ghoetker

Thanks, that’s very helpful.