Markdown Editor Improvements

I love Devonthink, and the markdown editor is very close to be perfect for my needs. I wish I could:

  • change the text color while in Markdown WYSIWYG mode (strangely this does not work)
  • adjust the line-height do make each line breath a bit more

Thank you for making such a nice product :+1:

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In the „wysiwyg“ mode (I’d call it rendering), the text color is determined by css. You can provide your own to change that.

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Glad you’re enjoying DEVONthink!

If you are referring to editing the source of Markdown, it’s just plain text therefore controlled by Preferences > Editing > Plain Text Font. But also since it’s just plain text, it doesn’t support multi-colored text. That would be a rich text attribute.

Yes, I’m referring to editing the source. Concerning changing font color and line height, it is more about personal preference, being able set up a writing environment that is comfortable for me. E.g. A bright white font against a dark black background causes some eyestrain. Making the font a bit more grey (like in iA Writer dark mode) makes it far more comfortable editing. I don’t use much time in preview mode, that’s why I am more concerned about the editing mode.

You can change the font color in the Editing preferences I mentioned, just not multiple colors.

Yes, it works as long as the editor is not using the Markdown Wysiwyg mode. I prefer using the Wysiwyg mode in the Markdown Editor. That’s why I think this could be a nice improvement in future releases :slight_smile:

Ahh… Development would have to assess the feasibility of the request.