Markdown File not "Valid" in Files App (iOS)

Hi folks,

When creating a plain text file in DevonthinkToGo v2, this file can be viewed and selected in the Files App (iOS).

Creating a markdown file in DTTG and this file thumbnail can be seen, though it cannot be selected and thus not viewable nor can it be opened in other apps like iAWriter or 1Writer.

The workaround of course would be to just use plaintext and just type markdown syntax. This works fine in the Files app & we can use the “Open In” for iAWriter / 1Writer for editting in place.

Can the markdown file type be fixed to some form of plaintext… Plaintext is reliably viewed in the Files App


I was just able to create an Markdown file in DTTG then open it from Files in 1Writer, make my changes. Once closed I went back into DTTG and the changed were made in the file.

Have you restarted your device recently. There is a lot of weird issues with Files that can be resolved by restarting the iOS device.

Version 2.5 will enhance this further as especially for Markdown files and with multiple Markdown editors installed the file name extension of Markdown files that is presented to other apps could change randomly. This is a side-effect of the way iOS handles so-called UTIs. We’ve fixed this issue which should make editing Markdown externally more reliable.