Markdown Images in Sorter

Hey! I am using the relatively new “Import images to group…” option when using Markdown.

Yet, if I clip images to DT sorter, they will get saved as an extremely long code, which makes the raw Markdown note almost impossible to navigate (although it spans several lines, the beginning looks something like this:


Is there a way to make sure this images inserted in the Sorter are just saved in my “Import images to group…” simple path?


Edit: Used the ``` to make sure the path example is displayed.

if I clip images to DT sorter,

How do you clip images to DT sorter?? Do you mean drag and drop ?

Sorry for the inaccuracy. I meant using the “Copy Selection Hotkey”.

I sometimes take notes in a TextEdit RTF, including pasted screenshots. Then, I select all and use the “Copy Selection Hotkey” and save it as Markdown using the Sorter.

No worries and… interesting process. Why aren’t you just working with Markdown from the start?

I do see it’s using the base64 encoded data when pasting in the Sorter as Markdown. This makes a portable document with no links needed, but it does change legibility. Development would have to assess the behavior in the Sorter.

Sometimes I just need to create a quick note without the hassle of navigating to where I want to store it. Something à la Sorter/Take Note Hotkey style, but the Sorter window is way too small for my needs (the TextEdit window will usually take half of my screen).

Nonetheless, I am trying to ditch TextEdit for DT. I am sure there is an easier way to do so, but this Keyboard Maestro Macro seems to work for now. It allows me to create a Markdown note in the Inbox, open the note, move and resize its window, prompt me for the note name and change the filename using ctrl+cmd+I (à la Sorter’s Automatic naming).

Please let me know if there is a better way! Thx!

The next release will improve the Markdown image handling.

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