Markdown Inline formatting bugs


I like the inline formatting for MarkDown when in editing view. It sometimes is a bit buggy, though. For example - if I have a single hash (h1) and then add another hash, I’ll sometimes get it converting the second to h1, but showing the first smaller:

A screenshot or an example document would be appreciated.

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Apologies - issue with screenshot uploading in Discourse previously - retrying

Which version of DEVONthink and macOS do you use?

Thanks - Monterey 12.0.1 and DT 3.8.

I am struggling to get my head around exactly how these bugs are happening. But here is an example of a related issue that I can reproduce. If I type a colon in the Markdown, the inline formatting of the heading instantly stops. I suspect these other bugs may be related:

2021-12-01 15.52.38

That’s a known issue and already fixed for the next release.

Thanks. This actually seems to break the markdown formatting in the entire document.

I cannot fully reproduce the original issue, but have seen it many times. It can be reproduced by typing a space after the first #. For example

# # Heading 1

… Will display as a Heading 1, as you would expect. If you delete that space, then it displays as Heading 2 (also as expected).

In the screenshot above, it’s behaving as if there is a space there, even though there is not.

Perhaps this bug will also be fixed by the changes you make to the other bug… It’s a little random / hard to reproduce.

Thanks, I’m able to reproduce this and will check it.

Fixed for next release.

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