Markdown linking without [[ possible?

Goal: I am trying to link from one markdown file to another, but for simplicity of typing and less distraction without the double brackets for Wikilinks.


  • database with only two files, names and
  • typing the word file1 inside of the file file1 is shown as a link (blue & underlined) as expected.

What I am trying to do: getting rid of the brackets, but at the same time check for the name of potential links to other files. I thought this is possible via Option-Escape (Complete). This is indeed working as expected, but only IF I use “[[” as a start for the link and type a phrase. In the above example I get a list with only file1, as there is no other file in the database.

The help states:

Square Brackets: WikiLinked text can be defined using square brackets. Type two opening square brackets and the beginning of a document name. Then press ⌥⎋ Option-Escape to show a list of potential item matches in the database. Choose a document and press :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: Return to complete the link.

What irritates me is the result of Option-Escape without “[[” before the phrase: it is a fairly random list of (English) words without any relation to the (only) database I have open.

My two questions:

  1. Can I do intentional (choose from a list) Wikilinks without [[ ? If yes, how?
  2. What is Option-ESC doing when used on a line without [[?

You can only create WikiLinks via the three methods available in the WikiLinks preferences.

And no, you can’t forego the opening square brackets. That’s the trigger that a WikiLink is expected.

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