Markdown numbered list render issue?

I’m not sure if this is a bug or it is in the standard, but numbered lists that don’t start in 1 are rendered as starting in 1. Take a look to the capture.

DT 3.7.2 under Catalina.

I think that’s standard MD

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That is correct.

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“Mi gozo en un pozo” (A sort of Spanish saying related to sink your joy into a well). Means: “Oh, s*ht”. :sweat_smile:

Now seriously: ok, thanks.

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In fact, you can write

1. First item
1. Second item
1. Third item

and it comes out as

1. …
2. …
3. …

which is not too bad, I think.

Helpful solution, yes. Thanks.

That is also correct and provides some late changes without having to manually renumber things, e.g., when inserting or deleting a new line item.

On a side note: Some Markdown processors do allow the first number to be the start number, e.g.,

7. This is the first item.
7. This is the second item.
3. This is the third item.

would render as…

7. This is the first item.
8. This is the second item.
9. This is the third item.

However, it’s not supported in all Markdown flavors, including MultiMarkdown.

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