Markdown or HTML to reuse created content for blogs, journals, articles etc.?

I have no coding background so both markdown and HTML are learning tasks for me.

I would like to start writing withing devonthink (using all the benefits of AI and or hyperlinks) and then have the widest possible re-usability of created content (but also styles, embedded imaged and links). Much of my research entails working with images so I need a solution which allows presenting pictures with their legends, or text very close and referenced to images (and vice versa). So I need a decent solution which produces a good layout for texts and images, even if in a rather simplistic and unsophisticated way.

I intend to publish (self publish and get accepted in publications) so it’s important that the fina work can easily appear on other platforms (my web site’s bog space, an academic journal, a newspaper accepting my work etc.), ideally without any (or little) intervention.

I have searched around, watched youtube shorts and got the impression that markdown is the way to go (especially for non programmers, but rather social scientists).

Can anyone comment and suggest me the best way to go forward for markdown works which include pictures? I have a lot to write now and I do now want to start with the wrong foot finding myself with a humongous task of file format conversion down the road.
Many thanks !

Neiter markdown nor HTML produce “layout” by themselves. For HTML, you’d use CSS to style the output (e.g. define page width, no of columns, line spacing, font size for text and headings). HTML is more about semantics: What is a paragraph, what’s a first order heading, etc. Markdown … well, the little I know about it, it seems to be much more about representation on a very low level (italic, bold, etc.). It’s probably easier to use than HTML and less flexible.
Both techniques are overlapping, the borders are not as clear cut as I described them here (e.g., you can style something as bold or italic in HTML, too. Althought that’s probably frowned upon now :wink:

From your description, I understand that the same text is going to be printed and displayed in a browser. In that case … well, what are the requirements of the academic journals and newspapers you’re aiming for? At least some of them probably require Word or (La)TeX, so markdown and HTML are not very helpful in these cases…

I seems that I should find a CSS to suit my needs.
I have tried to find example of markdown documents which integrate photos and text but I found none so far :upside_down_face:

The DEVONthink 3 manual page titled Markdown Documents is very helpful here. (No direct link; see in app.) It discusses the use of embedded images and style sheets for Markdown.

For anyone without lots of experience with HTML, and perhaps lots of second-nature shortcuts, Markdown is a far better format to write in. It is exhaustively exportable to other formats.

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Cher ChReliot,
many thanks for your kind contribution. I was reading it again today and went back to the manual (I actually used to learn Joe Kissel’s work) and found the refs (also for picture management you indicated). Many thanks again!

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