Markdown text disappears when powering off mid edit

Hello, I know that there have been a few different issues regarding Markdown text getting lost, but it seems to me like this issue hasn’t been reported yet so I am making a separate thread for the moment. Here are the steps I’m following (I am using DTTG 3.5.4 (17234)):

  1. Create new Markdown file
  2. Click ‘edit’
  3. Type some text
  4. Turn off my iPhone
  5. Turn phone back on

Result: the document is now empty, and when I try to type more text, I can see that the cursor is moving but nothing shows up in the editing area. (At that point, if I hit the ‘x’ button and exit the editing mode, then I can see what I have written.)

I am pretty certain that I used to be able to turn my phone off, re-open it and not lose what I had typed. I hope that functionality could be restored.

Yes, that looks like a glitch. We’ll investigate!

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