Markdown TOC is a tiny bit of genius

I’ve been doing a bunch of writing right in DT and DTTG recently. I’m finally getting comfortable with markdown after resisting for no good reason. One thing that really got me moving to markdown was reading in these forums about the TOC header and how that works.
Wow. So simple and yet so tidy. Not sure why but it’s just the right amount of formatting without being a big hassle or distraction.
I’m guessing its origin has more to do with Gruber and multimarkdown than DevonThink but it’s great in DT and DTTG.
And thanks to this forum I’m picking up all sorts of tips. Transclusion still sort of boggles my brain when ever I try it.
Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the generous comments and feedback.
The TOC and transclusion are indeed MultiMarkdown features.
And if you didn’t know it already, the TOC is accessible in the Content > Table of Contents inspector too!

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