Markdown TOC vs Tag link

I have a long markdown file with a TOC that I customarily put at the top to make jumping around easier. I did all the typing in DTTG on an iPad and reread it on an iPhone. Everything was fine there.
I was checking to make sure it had all synced to the MacBook Pro and I noticed that clicking some of the headings in the TOC didn’t take me to that heading in the doc but to a tag folder of the same name. In this case the headings were

## The Invention I
## The Invention II
## The Invention III

And clicking on any part of the heading in the TOC would take me to a tag folder for Invention

I’m not sure what setting to adjust to stop that from happening. i.e. the automatic recognition of existing tags in text file and linking to them. I wouldn’t mind if the heading in the text itself liked to the tag but I need the TOC link to take me to the where the heading is.

A screenshot of the complete window right before clicking would be useful, e.g. to figure out whether it’s the editor or the rendered view and whether this might be due to WikiLinks.

This is in the rendered view.
Rolling over the second and third The Invention I get the blue text in the status bar (or whatever that’s called.) While trying to wrangle this screenshot I noticed that I only get the link to “Go To Tags…” when I roll over “Invention” specifically. Rolling over “The” works like a normal TOC link and jumps to the heading section. I purposely lowercased the first invention just to make the linking work as I was jumping to that section a lot yesterday.

It’s worth mentioning here that I realize I can use the Inspector’s Table of Contents and that works just fine, maybe even better. Remembering things like that sometimes gets lost when I spend lots of time writing in DTTG as opposed to just doing the organizing and tidying up in DT.

  • How did you create the links?

  • In Preferences > WikiLinks do you have it set to WikiLink to groups as well as documents? If so, whats the reason?

No links created directly by me, just a {{TOC}} at the top of the doc and then I start typing. I make headings to break up the chunks of slop that leak out of my brain. The Tag that it’s linking to is mostly used on research from a different project in the same database.

Never dealt with WikiLinks as I am not sure what it is and I am waiting for it to be something I NEED to learn about, which I usually discover after reading this forum. That is how I have learnt everything I know about DT so far. (Markdown, CSS tables, Parent/Child Tags = Yes, Wikilinks, Indexing= Not yet).
Looking at it now, Wikilinks Prefs are set to Automatic - Names and Aliases and All Items.
If this is where the behaviour starts from I guess I can read up on Wikilinks and see if any of that is of use to me in other contexts and turn it off otherwise. Or at least change the settings.
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

You’re welcome.

Can you post a screen capture showing the source and preview of the Markdown file?