There’s already a hidden preference. Just enter the following command in the Terminal…

defaults write com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2 RenderMarkdown -bool TRUE

…while DEVONthink Pro (Office) isn’t running or click on the link…


thanks for the tip Christian, what about style? any workaround?

The style can’t be customized at the moment.

@BLUEFROG Reviewing this thread I see you were a Markdown skeptic in 2013, then found a niche use for it. And now you’re a heavy user. What changed your mind?

@korm advised I would appreciate it so I gave it a shot. With the simplicity and ease of parsing plain text, I liked the speed and the capabilities. Then I started teaching myself CSS and the ability to create or modify styling so powerfully pushed me even deeper into it.

I’ve done long form journaling in it (in DEVONthink) and use Markdown in 80%+ of my support, excluding these forums.

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No need to restrain yourself @BLUEFROG

Discourse understands Markdown very well. (And BBCode, and Simple HTML).

Haha! I don’t restrain myself. I cherish Discourse’s Markdown support. I meant I didn’t include my use of Markdown in the forums in the 80%+. :slight_smile:

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I was into markdown for taking notes and writing drafts for some years now. But around 2 weeks ago (while struggling with some asciidoc / pandoc stylings) I found a github repository with a light XeLaTeX template to render a yaml front matter markdown with a nice letterhead, signature and pdf output. I added some hazel „magic“ and now I‘m able to write fast letters in markdown on the go, put it with a certain naming in an iCloud folder where the Mac in the office grabs it and starts the rendering process (only some milliseconds). Afterwards it falls out of the printer and the assistant can sent it by mail directly. This workflow is in „beta“ now but definitely version 1.0 is in range.

Markdown prompts structured content, but also separates the structure from visual presentation. Tech writers like that, but it’s also a benefit for moving from platform to platform, note to draft, … From a writing perspective, it’s fast and unambiguous.

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I was going to say something similar. Markdown allows for transmogrification easily. I can change the style or look, convert quickly between formats (web, doc, PDF).

If formatting styles were applied diligently the same thing could be achieved with rich text, but they never are.

Eons ago I would use Word styles. Now I use Markdown, which is way easier.