Marking pdf image files as duplicates

Hello- I didn’t see my particular issue addressed with the other duplicate questions.

I imported pdf image files and DEVONthink recognizes all but one as duplicates, even though they are all different files. Is there away to mark these files otherwise?


There’s no way to tell DEVONthink, that these are no duplicates and that’s ok, because should come a real duplicate of these files around, they will be a duplicate, so you might want to recognize them.

I have many of such false duplicates too and my database gets constantly filled with real duplicates, so I check for duplicates from time to time with a smart group (Instance is Duplicate).
I have assigned a label to those false duplicates, so that I don’t have to check them again and again when I sort out duplicates, but I only label those false duplicates as false duplicates that are so unique, that chances are almost zero, that they will see a real duplicate ever. Still I don’t exclude them from the smart group (which would be otherwise: Instance is Duplicate + Label is not ‘false duplicate’), so that duplicates of them don’t slip through.

DEVONthink needs an improved recognition of duplicates.

You might find this interesting

Hi berndm & korm - thank you both for your suggestions! These have been very helpful! :smiley: