Markup tool will not be activated

I added the markup tool to toolbar. But when I open a pdf document it doesn’t get active.

Which macOS do you use? Big Sur?

No. I’m using High Sierra.

Seems it’s only for PDFs which are attached to RTF

Yes! It works with merged pdf files.
But now is there a highlight tool for regular pdfs in Devonthink native pdfviewer?
Now, I select the text and then highlight it and then add note to highlight. Is there a shortcut to add note to selected text directly?

You can highlight via menu Format > Highlight or the contextual menu.

Not sure what you’re doing (as I seldom use DEVONthink’s Annotatios feature).

However you can assign shortcuts to menu items in menu Tools > Annotate and Tools > Mode.

I’ll try it.

Are you aware of the Editing Bar at the top of e.g. PDF records?

Help > Documentation > Documents > PDFs

No, I did think that it must exist, but I couldn’t find it.
Very helpful.

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The tools you’ll find there are also available (but not sure if all) via menu Tools > Annotate and Tools > Mode so you could assign shortcuts to often used ones.

Of course, in my version 3.5.2 the address is as follows:

Tools > Mode