Mass conversion of SCANNED material to IMPORT?

I set up a database of my “file cabinet” on my hard drive, which contains quite a bit of stuff; I imported it as SCANNED to save space. This works well while I’m on my desktop, of course, and connected to the hard drive that holds the original material.

Now I want to break off certain parts of my comprehensive database, which I’ve already done some sorting work with in DevonThink, into smaller, project-specific databases that I can take with me on my laptop (i.e. with all data available to me).

Is there a way to select many SCANNED records and make them import the original files, keeping my sorting (groups, replicated files, etc.) intact?


Just export the items via File > Export > as Files & Folders… and then create a new database and import the exported stuff. This will retain most meta data (e.g. URLs, aliases, labels and usually replicants too) but not the sorting.

Thanks, Christian. That works!

However - and I’ll have to try it again to make sure - I think my sorting remained as it was before I exported when I examined the material after re-importing to my database. Which is very GOOD.

Thanks again!

Usually files are ex- and imported in their natural order (in the database/filesystem) and therefore sorting might be retained. But there’s no guarantee for this.