Massive find and replace accross content file

How can i massive replace specific string accross multiple files inside my db ?
Basic example i need to change my signature name in 80 doc or rtf file from “Aldo” to “dr. Aldo”
Is not the filename but the content of the file that i need to change

That might be possible with a script, but

I’m not sure what you mean by “doc”, but if it is a Word file: I don’t see an easy way. Certainly not from within DT. For RTF: It might be possible with a script, but accessing RTF content is a PITA. Also, you would have to be a lot more specific than “chnage Aldo to Dr. Aldo” if your files could contain the first word in a different context, like “Aldo Moro”.

See Scripts > Edit > Replace Text in Documents…. WARNING: This can’t be undone. In addition, DEVONthink doesn’t support editing of Word documents.

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Nor PDFs, I guess :wink:

You can edit PDF documents of course but not replace text :slight_smile: And this script supports only plain & rich text and Markdown.