Massive Pruning and the Files Folder

I’ve been doing some massive pruning of my main DevonTHINK database, and I’m concerned about the possibility of orphaned files in the Files folder in the database bundle (i.e., linked files that still exist in the Files folder that no longer exist in my database). Does this possibility exist? Should I be concerned about it? And is there any way to check that only the files in the database are in this folder?



It’s possible to have files stored in the internal Files folder, that are no longer ‘listed’ in your database. That could happen if you had to revert to a previous state of the database using Restore Backup, and the PDF was imported at a later date than the backup date. I wouldn’t worry about it.

In the normal state of pruning a database, if you delete a PDF, for example, from the database it’s also removed from the Files folder.


Just so you know, I exported my entire database to files & folders, and then imported all that into a new database. The Files folder was the exact same size as before. In my experience with syncing files and databases, that’s pretty darn good. DEVONthink continues to rock. (Now, if Christian could just get 2.0 out there so I can stop looking over at all those other similar toys over the fence. Somehow, though, I expect he’s waiting on Leopard.)


I recently did some pruning myself, and then rebuilt the database. Strangely, upon opening the DB’s package manually in Finder, I found a lot of files that I’d deleted from within DT. It took about 10 minutes, but I manually deleted all the ones I didn’t want (keep in mind we’re talking just about the Files folder, which doesn’t affect rts, etc.). It resulted in a decent slimming of the DB.

Well, no, not exactly. We’re actually working on some internal projects that will bring both, new products as well as the foundation for DEVONthink 2.0. So, DEVONthink 2.0 in the mirror is not as near as it appears :slight_smile: