Match exactly a string (and not as a substring) in a search?

I have a daily scheduled search for a domain, let’s say “”. It currently has lots of false positives like “”, “”, and “”. Is there a way to limit DEVONagent to exactly my string and not strings that its a substring of?

If DEVONagent supported regular expressions, I’d add filters like ‘NOT (".*[.-]" OR “[a-z]”)’ or similar, but today I’m having to build a blacklist of strings to ignore.

No, matching is currently optimized for natural language. Maybe there are other possibilities to improve the search set, could you please post screenshots of its settings and/or a more detailed description?

It’s just a regular search with ‘Default Query: “”’. I could add a secondary query like:

NOT ("" OR "" OR "")

(after more closely having read the docs to get the syntax right), but that might eventually involve listing every possible permutation of my company’s name. An explicit blacklist would be a lot of tedious work. I’d much rather I could say “, possibly surrounded by non-word characters”.