Matter won’t load in DT

I speak of the popular read-later/highlighting website Matter and its subordinate pages: on my copy of DT at least, it refuses to load and offers up some kind of cryptic error message. That is, the official corporate landing page ( loads, but not the actual working page ( Anyone have any thoughts why?

Another prominent website that absolutely will not load in my copy of DT (there are others): The Toronto Star ( Is there a setting I need to change? Something to do with javascript?

Some websites are only compatible to popular browsers. But a screenshot of Preferences > Web would be useful.

Here you go. Thanks.

Out of curiosity, I fed that link ( to curl. The so-called “web page” consists entirely of JavaScript code.
There simply is no HTML in the true sense of the word.

And even opening the URL in Safari gives a ton of error in the console (i.e. JavaScript/load errors). Not exactly awe-inspiring.


You might check whether disabling the blocking options and/or emptying the cache will improve things.