Mavericks tags no longer being imported??

I’m using DTOP 2.7.1 on OS 10.9. I have a database in which a folder on my hard drive is indexed. Previously, when I “Updated Indexed Items”, the imported files were assigned tags corresponding to their Mavericks tags. As of today, suddenly, this has stopped working.

The files in question are Markdown, with suffix .md. I’ve also tried naming them with .mdown. Doesn’t make any difference–the tags are NOT being imported.

Can anyone give me a hint as to what might be going wrong?


In case anyone else has this question, here is the helpful, quick answer I got from DT Tech Support:

“Indexing/importing supports already Mavericks tags but File > Update Indexed Items does not yet (or only if the file was also modified). The next maintenance release will improve this.”