Maximum file index limit

I’d be grateful if someone could let me know at please what the maximum number of files is that a registered version of DevonThink can index. I am awaiting my licence so have only tried to index my hard disk so far with the unregistered version. But when it gets up to a certain point, about 6000 of the 16000 files on the hard disk, it seems to stop until I forcibly quit DevonThink. I have tried to do an index run twice and it stops at the same file each time. Is it hitting some upper limit on the number of files that can be indexed? Is the maximum number of indexable files greater for the registered version? Or is the file at which it stops indexing possibly corrupted and stopping the indexing process from continuing on past it? I’d be very grateful for your thoughts on this. Kind regards, Jason Romney

Indexing is theoretically unlimited and we’ve indexed up to 50.000 files over here using the latest builds of DT PE 1.9 (e.g. Apple’s Developer Refererence Library contains around 36.000 files and is indexed in less than 3 minutes on a G5).

Therefore this might be either a bug of version 1.8.1b and/or a corrupted file (although corrupted files should of course not freeze DT). If you’re interested in a beta of DEVONthink PE 1.9, just let me know and I’ll send you one next week.

Thanks. Yes, I’d be interested in looking at new betas as they come out so please do go ahead and send over. But just to clarify then, I can’t expect this apparent ceiling on the max number of indexable files to change when I get the licence I’ve paid for - ie. you don’t think this problem relates to the fact that I’m still only using the evaluation version?

No, the only limitation of the demo is that it’s limited to max. 150 hours of usage (to ensure that everybody can check & use everything before buying). However, indexing of DT PE 1.9 should be both much faster and more stable.

Dear Devonthink, is there any way to refresh an index after it has been initially created, so that the index structure in Devonthink reflects the latest file creations, deletions and movements for the indexed objects? Or is it necessary to completely rebuild the index to achieve this from scratch? Is it possible to selectively remove from the devonthink "internal’ file structure only objects that were inserted as a result of an indexing run and leave in place objects that are created within Devonthink when the two kinds of data are mixed together after an index is created?

Version 1.9 will finally implement the "File > Synchronize" command and therefore be able to update already indexed/imported material if necessary and add new files too.

Version 2.0 will remove deleted files too and will feature an optional automatic bidirectional synchronization (e.g. contents created within DEVONthink are then written back to the filesystem too).

(emphasis added)

Does that mean 1.9 has the ability to synchronize DT groups that have a folder Path with external folders that have new files/folders added to them?  I haven’t been able to make that work in DT Pro 1.9a23; it’s a silent no-op.  That’s on my list of items to describe in more detail on the beta forum even if I’m asking here now.

That’s not yet implemented (but hopefully will be soon).

Okay, thanks.